In Search of the LOST CHORD !

The Net / IWay is chock full of sites devoted to Ancient Wisdom/ Mysteries / Egypt. Why another one? The challange is to present somewhat familiar concepts, ideas and images in a whole new manner; incorporating my own views with those of you who read these pages. It isnt easy trying not to rehash recycle repaste the same old things over and over; but I do have an intricate story to weave together. It has always been my dream to create a site that not only presents ancient material in a new light, but to bring to light the wealth of material that is just sitting in my library. With your help and input, I will do my best to bring forth the old in as new and refreshing way as I can. I am learning web techniques as I go along here, so it is a fun experience as well. Please feel free to send me your comments, ideas, links, info, pics, etc. and I will you answer you directly. I am always looking for new material; I have so much to scan in as I create these pages! so keep on coming back..Together we shall seek and find out just what the L O S T C H O R D means for each of us as individual Questors..

SOKAR on the Henu-Boat of MILLIONS of YEARS

SOKAR SOKAR IMAGE GALLERY SOKARIS : "Lord of Mysterious Realms' ; 'Keeper of Secrets" ; "Master of the Threshold" ; the Master Builder. "Great god with his two wings opened"

Aboard the Henu-boat we shall explore the underworld realm of the AfterLife - the AmDUAT , in all its infinite manifestations. Through our analysis and exploration of the Neterworld, we shall also come to understand our own inner selves in a way we never knew before.

Destination:> Resurrection unto the Immortal Shining Ones!...and then there is :

the ever MYSTERIOUS ->

the D J E D

This most ancient of symbols has intrigued me to no end!  The Ancient Egyptians depicted the DJED/ TET/ JED in so many differnet ways. I have amassed many many different pictures of the DJED, and one of the main driving forces behind building this site myself is to bring forth to the public the many different forms and representations of the DJED. Than we can theorize together what it all means!. I myself wrote an article on how I thought it might be some sort of electronic device of old - a transformer of energy. In a way it is- a symbol of etheric / astral / spritual forces, in some way or another. We shall be exploring all the different aspects and theories of the DJED as we go along. In many ways, it really has the same mystery of the Holy Grail of the West. We shall see as the journy of exploration continues. . so please join me , as we go forth Out of the Past and into the Future . . .


DJED D J E D My very first articles exploring the nature of the DJED, written in my naive youth!  As we progress from now on,so should the depth and breadth of the analysis




see how, in my naive youth, I was DUPED in 2000 !!! POLESHIFT ??!!